Bringing our best every day

Devon strives to produce the oil and gas the world needs in a safe, ethical and environmentally responsible way, all while meeting high expectations for operational and financial performance. In the face of daunting challenges in 2020, our employees proved resilient and determined in continuing to improve our company’s performance.

Our corporate culture is based on integrity and supportive relationships, giving our people the courage to take intelligent risks with a shared desire to achieve great results. We want to be a caring and connected company where employees feel that they’re heard, seen and valued, and have opportunities to contribute and grow.

Devon supports individual, team and company progress with familyfriendly workplace practices, wellness programs and opportunities to make and be accountable for decisions. We communicate proactively with employees about our goals and performance. We do not accept the status quo of social and racial inequality, and we’re working to cultivate inclusive, diverse, equitable and respectful communities inside and outside our company.

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Workforce Metrics
*Unless otherwise noted, all data presented is pro forma for Devon and WPX.
2018 2019 2020
Headcount (total company) 2727 2352 2022
Minorities and Women as a Percentage of Workforce1
   Minorities 0.18 0.19 0.21
   Women 0.29 0.28 0.27
Minorities and Women as a Percentage of Leadership
   Minorities 0.12 0.11 0.13
   Women 0.2 0.2 0.2
Years of Service
   Less than 5 years (percent of headcount) 0.42 0.35 0.33
   5-9 years 0.3 0.37 0.41
   10-14 years 0.17 0.17 0.14
   15-19 years 0.06 0.06 0.07
   20-24 years 0.02 0.03 0.03
   25+ years 0.03 0.02 0.02
Median Age 40 40 40
Attrition Rate 0.09 0.07 0.03
1 As defined by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Advancing pay equity and workforce composition

To build the workforce we need, we must offer equitable pay and opportunities across the company. We’re measuring our performance and always looking for ways to further align our practices with our aspirations.

Peer employee pay equity

The salaries of female and minority employees are, on average, positioned equivalently (+/-2% to accommodate workforce changes throughout the year) within the applicable job pay range as males and non-minorities.

Employee base pay compensation

100% of employees make more than $19/hour and receive an annual performance bonus and long-term incentives.

Female and minority leadership representation

While female leadership representation remained steady over the last two years, minorities in corporate leadership increased from 10% to 11% and minorities in field leadership increased from 16% to 19%.

Hiring minority talent

Over the last two years, Devon has hired minority employees at a rate of 11% compared to a 7% rate for non-minority employees.