Investing in our communities

To be a socially responsible operator, Devon focuses on building strong, safe communities and an educated workforce. We invest in aspects of community life where we can have the greatest impact, while aligning with Devon’s values and business goals: STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, public safety, social services and vibrancy in the communities where we operate.

Our core value of relationships grounds Devon’s social investments. We listen to our stakeholders to understand their concerns, assess their needs and find the most effective ways we can help. By bringing together local and national nonprofits, private foundations and corporations, we’re able to expand the reach and effectiveness of our social investments. Devon advocates for tribal traditions, community development and youth programs where we operate. Our employee volunteers show their dedication to enhancing quality of life by helping alleviate hunger, advance education, deliver necessities and by enriching our communities. In our relationships and engagements, we’re committed to work with integrity, earn trust, empower others and keep improving.

We’re responsive to our community stakeholders and available to handle any concerns we receive in person, by phone and online. Devon’s trained team of experienced land, community relations, field operations, corporate communication and other professionals is prepared to respond to issues and collaborate with stakeholders to find solutions.

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Social Metrics
*Unless otherwise noted, all data presented is pro forma for Devon and WPX.
2020 2021 2022
Social Investments (millions) $5.3 $13.7 $29.6
In 2022, Devon’s social investments included $17.9 million related to humanitarian support and $4.1 million in one-time gifts for capital projects.