Responsible handling and disposal

Devon radiation safety officers conduct NORM surveys to ensure regulatory compliance.

Being an environmentally sound company requires responsibly handling the waste generated in our operations and offices. All Devon employees and contractors are responsible for managing waste, and we encourage them to minimize the waste they create, and reuse and recycle materials whenever possible.

Our work can generate waste designated as hazardous and non-hazardous from our drilling and production operations, as well as paper, packaging, bottles and other office waste. Devon maintains waste management plans in our operating areas to help ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and our own corporate policies.

Devon’s waste management protocol clearly defines roles and responsibilities for our waste handling, shipping, disposal, training and minimization programs. We hold contractors responsible for managing the waste they generate and for complying with all applicable state and federal waste regulations.

For chemicals and other materials used or stored in our workplace, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) summarizing hazard information and disposal considerations are readily available. To reinforce our commitment to compliance, Devon employees and contractors receive job-specific training for waste management and chemicals used or stored in the workplace.

Oil and gas operations sometimes encounter waste containing naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM). Devon’s NORM protocol helps us manage the material responsibly and within regulatory requirements. The protocol establishes conditions to address health and safety considerations of our employees, contractors and the environment, including guidelines to reduce potential exposure to NORM.

Devon provides NORM awareness training for any employee who works at a facility where NORM is present and specific training for employees who encounter NORM in the course of their work. We also provide radiation safety officer training for employees who take on the additional responsibilities of that role. Radiation safety officers provide technical resources and tools to maintain regulatory compliance.