Invoicing Information

Devon's Accounts Payable (AP) Team processes approximately 30,000 invoices each month. Devon aims to pay all contractors accurately and timely. In order to achieve this, we utilize Enverus Open Invoice for electronic invoice processing. This is the primary method for invoice acceptance.

Please note that your company should not initiate the Enverus Open Invoice enrollment process until you have been awarded work by Devon and completed the qualification process.

Once your company’s Enverus Open Invoice enrollment is complete, invoices may be submitted. Reach out to to begin Enverus Open Invoice registration.

Logistics Information

Devon is currently in a long-term agreement with Ryder Integrated Logistics (Ryder) to coordinate and manage all transportation services for the movement of materials in Devon operating areas. To perform these services for Devon, a carrier must go through a formal carrier on-boarding process with Ryder to assess carrier safety, current transportation authority, currency and adequacy of insurance coverage, and trucking capacity in addition to several other criteria.

Carriers that do eventually become Ryder Managed Carriers operating on behalf of Devon are expected to accept tendered loads 90% of the time. We strive for 100% on-time-delivery with an incident rate of 0%.

The following transportation services are managed by Ryder:

  • Trucking and Hauling of Equipment
  • Saltwater Disposal & Flowback in the Permian Basin
  • Gravel Transportation in the Permian Basin

Contractors who provide any other transportation services will need to be set up as a traditional carrier directly with Devon which will first require a Devon Business Sponsor. Prior to attempting to being set up directly with Devon, all carriers should first check with Ryder to determine whether the transportation services they provide have been brought into scope since this webpage was published.

Invoicing Ryder

Ryder uses a program called LEAPS that allows suppliers to electronically submit invoices on behalf of Devon. Many contractors have already been set up and trained to use LEAPS. If a carrier is not set up with LEAPS, please complete and submit a Contact Us Form, and a Ryder representative will assist with getting a supplier set up with LEAPS. LEAPS is the preferred method for invoice submission to Ryder.

Invoicing terms with Ryder will be net 30.