We’re committed to environmental, social and governance performance and accountable to our stakeholders to deliver strong business results.

As we strive for sustainable operations, we work to be financially, environmentally and socially responsible. We are determined to uphold our culture of integrity and accountability in making decisions, managing risk and building relationships. At all times, we’re guided by our core values and corporate governance principles.

Devon focuses on operational excellence, high quality of life and meaningful partnerships in our communities, and top-tier ESG performance and transparency. We incorporate our commitment to sustainability into our operations and our companywide ESG performance goals factor into our compensation. Our company’s senior leaders have a keen interest in addressing ESG-related risks and opportunities. To that end, our ESG Steering Committee keeps management informed on current and emerging issues that influence business planning, strategy and operations.

To sustain the trust we’ve built with our stakeholders, we remain committed to success factors including board independence, proactive shareholder engagement, risk management, ethics and integrity in our corporate governance practices.

Maggie Phipps

Maggie Phipps

Legal Counsel

Maggie’s responsibilities as a corporate lawyer are as varied as they are important to the business. On any given day, she can find herself managing issues in corporate finance, contracts and securities regulation and compliance. She particularly enjoys her work in the ESG arena, which often involves direct engagement with key Devon stakeholders. “I’m so proud to be able to share with our stakeholders the things that make us a top energy company,” Maggie said. “This entails listening to and directly responding to their inquiries based upon interests and concerns. I enjoy communicating with shareholders, brainstorming ways to make Devon better based on those interactions, and bringing those ideas to the ESG Steering Committee, management and board of directors.”

Our ESG Steering Committee meets regularly to set strategy and evaluate performance.