Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are used by workers who handle chemicals and toxic materials. They provide critical information, such as chemical names, hazardous ingredients, reactivity information and safe-handling instructions. SDS’s describe exactly how employees should handle materials in their day-to-day use. If there's an accident at a work site, it's critical that this information is available to assist in the treatment of exposure or poisoning.

Download Devon's U.S. Safety Data Sheets for the following products:

U.S. Safety Data Sheets
10# Natural Gasoline (PDF-61k)
14# Natural Gasoline (PDF-64k)
Bakken Rich Natural Gas (WPX) (PDF-62k)
Butane (PDF-54k)
Commercial Propane Refrigerant (PDF-54k)
Condensate Sour (PDF-321k)
Condensate Sweet (PDF-56k)
Crude Oil Sour (PDF-61k)
Crude Oil Sour (WPX) (PDF-137k)
Crude Oil Sweet (PDF-323k)
Crude Oil Sweet (WPX) (PDF-67k)
Eagle Ford Condensate (PDF-320k)
Eagle Ford Produced Water (PDF-119k)
Ethane (PDF-53k)
Ethane/Propane Mix (PDF-53k)
Isobutane (PDF-53k)
Methane (PDF-52k)
Natural Gas Condensate (WPX) (PDF-64k)
Natural Gas Liquids Y Grade (PDF-56k)
Natural Gas Sour (PDF-185k)
Natural Gas Sweet (PDF-59k)
Odorized Propane HD-5 Grade (PDF-59k)
Powder River Basin Crude Oil (Sweet) (PDF-72k)
Produced Water (WPX) (PDF-43k)
Produced Water Sour (PDF-181k)
Produced Water Sweet (PDF-181k)
Propane HD-5 Grade (PDF-56k)
Wellhead Natural Gas Sour (WPX) (PDF-65k)
Wellhead Natural Gas Sweet (WPX) (PDF-56k)