Devon has made a commitment to doing the right thing – even when no one is looking. Every job we perform is shaped by the values we live by, so doing things the right way is a natural fit for us.

We've made a practice of exceeding expectations when it comes to environmental standards in oil and gas production. Our proactive focus on air, land and water stewardship has established a record of performance documented repeatedly from inside and outside our industry.

We recognize the climate debate has drawn the attention of many of our stakeholders. As an energy company, we have been engaged in emissions reduction for a quarter century, starting long before climate change became a prominent issue.

Devon's land-use philosophy is to be a good stewards by minimizing surface disturbance when possible and to look for ways to improve animal habitat in regions where we have operations.

Devon has been an industry leader in water conservation for a decade, and water conservation will remain a high priority for us into the future. We conserve and protect freshwater supplies because it ties into one of Devon's core values: always do the right thing.

Please explore the air, land and water pages within our environmental stewardship section. You will learn about recent initiatives and accomplishments. Also, you can read other stories in the safety, land, air and water sections of our archive to discover even more about our work to be a safe company and to conserve natural resources. By doing these things, we are adhering to another one of Devon's core values: Be a good neighbor.