The purpose of this document is to outline Devon Energy’s policies regarding current and potential staffing vendors. This is meant as a summary of Devon’s policies and is not fully encompassing.

Vendor Communication

Devon Energy strictly prohibits staffing vendors from directly contacting hiring managers or any other employees about soliciting candidates or inquiring about becoming a staffing vendor. If vendors do not comply with this policy, they risk being removed from the vendor list or losing the ability to become a staffing vendor in the future.

Candidate Solicitation

Devon Energy prefers to recruit candidates directly rather than through a third-party recruiter or agency. We will not consider paying a fee for candidates submitted or presented to us unless there is a signed contract in place between Devon and the recruiter or agency for a specific job opening. In cases in which a candidate is submitted or presented to Devon by a recruiter or agency without a signed agreement in place, or without a specific available job opening, Devon reserves the right to pursue and hire that candidate without any financial obligation to the recruiter or agency.

Candidate Ownership

Candidates who are presented to Devon by an approved staffing vendor must confirm that the candidate has not been contacted by Devon for a full calendar year. Devon uses multiple sources of communication to reach candidates and reserves the right to check all sources of communication before granting candidate ownership to a staffing vendor. These sources include, but are not limited to, applying on the Devon website, internal applicant tracking systems, email, social media, LinkedIn, phone calls and conferences. Communication with a candidate is defined as Devon reaching out to a candidate via any of the above-mentioned sources.

Vendor Review Process

Devon has a thorough, semi-annual review process to analyze and consider new staffing vendors. This review process involves a thorough look at the successes of current vendors and the potentially beneficial relationships Devon could gain by adding other vendors. Devon values its relationships with staffing vendors and gives preferred vendor status to vendors who continually perform successfully.