Trust is a key ingredient in Devon’s success. It is vital that our stakeholders trust us to deliver results the right way. The Devon Way.

The Devon Way promotes a culture of integrity and accountability. A large silver medallion with the word “Integrity” is inset in the center of the rotunda of our headquarters. It’s not only a visible reminder of our culture for employees, but also a tool to discuss our culture and attributes with candidates for job openings with Devon. Integrity enables us to work better, faster and more efficiently. It strengthens our relationships and establishes Devon as the partner of choice in our industry. We seek to increase shareholder value while operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. We are driven to perform with a clear focus, a sense of urgency and a commitment to continuous improvement. By creating a feeling of personal ownership and a culture of hard work, innovation and productivity, Devon encourages an environment that brings out the best in each of us.

An atmosphere of teamwork, inclusion and trust inspires our employees to participate in the decision-making process. It encourages accountability and gives everyone an opportunity to develop as a leader. A workforce that is truly engaged will derive greater satisfaction from our success and from our improved work performance. Devon’s strength springs from employees who are committed to increasing shareholder value and who share in the satisfaction of our long-term success. Our corporate culture is one of fundamental respect for the environment and our neighbors. This respect makes Devon a good community partner and helps improve the quality of life where we live and work. By being a good neighbor, Devon enhances our ability to meet our corporate goals.

Our belief that our people are our most important asset provides the foundation for all of our values and convictions. Our extensive portfolio of corporate resources is, however, not enough to make us "the best." To be the best, we need the best people – people who are always striving to obtain more and to maximize value for our company.

A central value of our company is the belief that teamwork and collaboration will create a better organization, provide more fulfillment for employees, significantly reduce bureaucracy and dramatically improve results. Teamwork and cooperation increases nimbleness, enhances effectiveness and helps to create an atmosphere of trust and goodwill that directly results in better performance.

The most important of our values, integrity, defines the core of every relationship we have. Whether inside the company or outside the company, integrity establishes the trust that is critical to the relationships that make our values work. Embracing honesty and integrity as our most important value means we stick by our word and we will always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

With the continued expansion of our business, the spectrum of communities that are touched by our operations continually broadens. That is why we have a fundamental respect for the environment and the people and communities in which we operate.

As stewards of a public company, it is our job to constantly strive to increase shareholder value. That is why we have to be results-driven with a clear focus on achievement. By conducting our business with a sense of urgency, we will remain more agile than companies a fraction of our size with the result that "big" will never mean slow.