There are more than 200,000 miles of petroleum pipelines and 300,000 miles of natural gas pipelines in the United States. According to National Transportation Safety Board statistics, pipelines are the safest method for transporting these products. Pipelines have a safety record unparalleled by any other mode of transporting energy products. A greater risk to the environment and the general public exists when these products are transported by other methods.

Natural gas provides about 24 percent of all the energy used in the United States and gas utilities serve more than 60 million customers. Since Americans consume more than 700 million gallons of petroleum products per day, pipelines are an essential component of our nation’s infrastructure. Pipelines are made of steel, often covered with protective coating and buried underground. They are tested and maintained using cleaning devices, diagnostic tools and corrosion control procedures. For more information on Devon's integrity management plan you may email us at

Devon cares about your safety. Our employees are thoroughly trained to operate and maintain these systems safely. We want you to be aware of our pipelines. We ask for your help in preventing accidental damage to pipelines. Devon encourages you to immediately notify and report any suspicious persons and/or activities near a pipeline to your local law enforcement authorities by calling 911.

Devon Energy Corporation subsidiaries that operate pipelines include:

  • Devon Energy Production Company, L.P.
  • Devon Gas Services, L.P.
  • Southwestern Gas Pipeline, L.L.C.