Measurable results
Part of our commitment to environmental stewardship is delivering results that are visible and measurable. Our 12-year association with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) has provided us with the opportunity each year to demonstrate our efforts to control and reduce emissions and conserve water.

Devon’s participation in the annual CDP questionnaire process amounts to a thorough examination of what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and what risks and opportunities we see ahead. The results are public, so it’s more than an exercise in disclosure; it’s about transparency and accountability. We welcome it.

CDP’s global platform provides us with a highly credible venue for communicating with stakeholders about our environmental stewardship. Our latest disclosures can be found at

Doing more, emitting less
During the most recent reporting year, our U.S. activity (and resulting emissions) slowed as oil prices fell, but a ramp up of our Canadian operations resulted in a net increase in total emissions. Importantly, though, we achieved a net decrease in emissions intensity (CO2 emitted per barrel of oil-equivalent produced.) 

We continue to upgrade the quality of our producing properties and employ advanced operating technologies at production sites to enhance operational efficiency and facilitate emissions reduction. These ongoing efforts result in consistent year-over-year reductions in emissions intensity.

Capturing methane
Methane, the principal component of natural gas, is something we’re working daily to capture. At most locations, methane can be used onsite or sold, so there’s a strong financial incentive to reduce emissions. There’s also a compelling environmental reason: methane is a greenhouse gas.

At Devon, we employ the best tools and techniques to capture methane in our well completions and production operations. We’re often asked if we use LDAR (systematic leak detection and repair). The answer, of course, is yes. Equipment inspections are performed using optical gas imaging cameras to detect leaks. Repairs are made in timely fashion, and verified – often using the same cameras.

It’s all part of a culture of continuous improvement at Devon – finding ways to be more efficient and effective in everything we do.