Devon works with communities to meet their needs in promoting interest in STEM at all levels. These opportunities include sponsoring youth STEM camps, schools and mobile learning units that teach students about oil and gas exploration. Below are examples of how Devon is enhancing our local communities.

Mobile Oil/Gas Learning Units
Western Oklahoma

Devon has helped bring the Mobile Oil/Gas Learning Units (MOLU) to classrooms. This engaging traveling exhibit features six self-contained learning centers with curriculum-based, hands-on activities about energy and the technologies and sciences involved with the oil and gas industry with curriculum based on state and national standards.

Heifer Beef Challenge
North Texas

Devon is the founding sponsor of the Heifer Superintendent's Beef Challenge at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. The Heifer Beef Challenge scholarship program was created as a way for high school exhibitors to use the knowledge they gain in the classroom and the project barn to help pay for a college education.

DeWitt County, Texas

The principal at Yorktown Elementary in DeWitt County has a vision for every child on campus to be able to participate in hands-on science experiences and experiments. Devon supported this vision by funding the full integration of a unique, hands-on science curriculum called STEMScopes. Developed by Rice University, STEMScopes is a proven program that combines tried and true science with cutting edge instructional practice. Devon also provided grant funds for classroom lab kits designed to match the STEMScopes curriculum that included all of the basic science equipment needed to complete the experiments (magnets, beakers, hot plates, etc.), as well as many of the necessary consumable items.

Smart Lab Equipment
Carlsbad, New Mexico

Devon teamed up with the Carlsbad Early College High School to furnish a state-of-the- art science lab where students will have access to SmartLab equipment that will provide hands-on, minds-on learning opportunities with a focus on STEM courses. The equipment offers the latest in technology, including tablets, to enhance the learning experience and increase the students’ ability to succeed. It is easily adaptable to meet individual needs to ensure that each student receives an optimal environment for learning.

Eddy and Lea County, New Mexico

Devon created an Achievement Award to honor students involved in New Mexico Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement Inc. (NM MESA) who plan to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry. NM MESA prepares middle and high school students for college majors and careers with an emphasis on mathematics, engineering, science and related fields. Students gain a working knowledge through organized field trips, speaker presentations, workshops, community service projects and academic competitions.