Agriculture and energy are Oklahoma’s top two industries, and both are vested in protecting the state’s land and natural resources.

Devon has partnered with the Oklahoma FFA program in an agriscience initiative to encourage students to consider the ways the two industries intersect. As part of that program, students are including oil- and gas-related projects in the annual FFA Agriscience Fair, which is held annually in the spring at Oklahoma State University.

The Agriscience Fair is part of Devon's commitment to providing students with interesting and innovative opportunities to learn more about science, technology, engineering and math.

Devon initiated the partnership to promote collaboration between the industries and spark students’ interest in oil- and gas-related careers. Employees across various groups helped develop project ideas and were available to mentor students through the process. Several employees also serve as judges for the fair.

Jack Staats, state FFA adviser, said Devon’s support of the Agriscience Fair was the spark needed to get students and agriculture teachers to develop projects that concentrate on the science and technology behind agriculture and oil and gas.

“Oklahoma’s natural resources are agriculture, energy and young people,” Staats said. “If you want young people to stay in the state, you have to show them that you want them. Building a program like this gets young people involved."

Watch the video below are learn more about the partnership between Devon and the FFA: