Devon’s Safe & Healthy Communities grant reflects the company’s strong commitment to the safety and wellness of the people in its operating areas, including their families and their children. The grant’s focus is on organizations/programming designed to:

  • Provide secure shelters and care for individuals that suffer from domestic abuse or homelessness.
  • Encourage youth to engage in activities before and after school that are healthy and promote wellness and education.
  • Allow more opportunities for communities to promote a safe and healthy lifestyle for individuals, youth and families.

It is advised to prepare your grant request on a separate document because once you start your online grant request, you won't be allowed to save your work before submitting your application. 

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  • Maximum grant of $5,000 per organization
  • Only one submission per organization will be accepted
  • Multi-year applications will not be accepted
  • Organizations must be within Devon's operating areas across Western Canada.
  • Submit a one to two page report on the outcomes of the grant one year after funding is received
  • Year-end reports must be submitted before additional grants can be considered

Organizations will be judged based on the perceived need of the initiative or program.

May 5

July 2016

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