The Investing in People grant is intended to encourage innovative projects and activities that help to build organizational, rather than individual capacity in Canadian non-profit organizations. The 2018 Investing in People grant recipients will be asked to demonstrate innovative, future-focused initiatives or projects that will help their organization leave a lasting legacy in their community.

The grant supports initiatives such as:

  • Organizational strategic planning
  • Workforce planning
  • Employee and volunteer training
  • Team building and knowledge sharing activities
  • Leadership development

It is advised to prepare your grant request on a separate document because once you start your online grant request, you won't be allowed to save your work before submitting your application.

All applicants will find out if their request was successful by the end of April and will receive funds in early May if chosen.

Tip: Use the tab button or your cursor to move from text field to text field. Pressing enter will automatically submit your form and will require another full submission.

  • Maximum grant of $5,000 per organization
  • Only one submission per organization will be accepted
  • Multi-year applications will not be accepted
  • Organizations must be within Devon's operating areas across Western Canada.
  • Submit a one to two page report on the outcomes of the grant one year after funding is received
  • Year-end reports must be submitted before additional grants can be considered

Organizations will be judged based on the perceived need of the initiative or program.

May 5

Please direct any questions about the grant to

Devon employee, newspaper, radio, internet, other, etc.

100 words max

250 words max

200 words max

200 words max

$5,000 max

100 words max

Will you need additional funding to complete the proposed project?
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