Owner Relations 

Devon values its relationships with the companies and individuals who share ownership in its oil and gas properties. The goal of our owner relations team is to provide owners with the highest level of service possible by answering your inquiries in a timely, accurate and professional manner.


Account Access

To access your Devon owner relations account as well as view an example check stub, obtain answers to questions regarding address change, direct deposit and other frequently asked questions, log on to Devon's Oildex page by clicking the link below.

Access Your Devon Owner Relations Account Online Via Oildex


Address Change & Direct Deposit Forms

For any change of address, Devon requires written notification including your owner number and social security number. Please complete and mail in the change of address form provided below.

Change of Address Request Form (PDF-26k)

Devon offers electronic payment through the Automated Clearing House Network (ACH), which is a more secure and efficient method of payment. Please complete and mail in the electronic payment request form provided below.

Electronic Payment Request Form (PDF-38k)


Privacy Policy

Devon Energy Corporation, either directly or through one of its affiliates or subsidiaries, from time to time, requests personal information from individuals with whom it conducts business. Devon is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of personal information. View Devon's full Privacy Policy.


Contact Devon Owner Relations

For royalty owner inquiries relating to U.S. operations, please email us at DevonRevenueHotline@dvn.com or call our royalty owner hotline at 405-228-4800. You may also write us at:

Devon Energy Corporation
Attn. Owner Relations
20 North Broadway
Oklahoma City, OK 73102-8260


For royalty owner inquiries relating to Canadian operations please contact Don McCall at 403-232-7100.

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