When Devon entered the Eagle Ford Shale in 2014, the company saw an opportunity to quickly demonstrate its commitment to being an industry leader in oil and gas development and a preferred operator in the area.

Cuero employees made an immediate impact with an important stakeholder group – first-responder and emergency-response organizations.

First responders play a key role in Devon’s commitment to providing a safe working environment. As a newcomer entering an operations area for the first time, Devon needed to help first responders get to know the company and its values.

Devon set up meetings with first-responder organizations, including the sheriff’s department, county emergency management and fire departments. The goal was to start an ongoing and open discussion to keep these important groups informed about Devon’s business and to gain a better understanding of the resources they need.

Through these initial conversations, Devon recognized several places where they could help support local departments and has since been able to provide the departments additional training and equipment.

Devon and DeWitt County first responders now get together for quarterly meetings. These meetings have been helpful in preparing first responders for potential impacts on oil and gas operations, such as flooding due to heavy rainfall in the late spring and summer of 2015.

Building strong relationships, which is continuing in the Eagle Ford communities, is at the core of all of Devon’s interactions.

Published: July 2015