Devon named oil sands producer of the year 


For the second time in five years, Devon has been named producer of the year by Oilsands Review magazine.

According to the magazine, the producer of the year exhibits "strategy, performance, efficiency, innovation, and leadership environmentally, socially, and economically" and is "a leader in production performance — the best of the best of oil sands owners."

The winner is selected by readers.

In its December 2012 issue, Oilsands Review focused on several aspects of Devon’s success in the Alberta oil sands:

  • Its emphasis on educating the public about steam-assisted gravity drainage projects.
  • The company's constant efforts to minimize its impact through environmentally sensitive practices.
  • Strategic improvements employed from experience gained at Devon's first oil sands initiative, called Dover, and at Jackfish.
  • Devon's commitment to the surrounding community — specifically its support toward creation of a high school inthe town of Conklin, Alberta, whose students previously traveled two hours eac h way to attend classes.

The magazine story also quotes an investment analyst who lauds Devon’s “strong project execution” of its oil sands projects.