Environmental, Health + Safety - Pipeline Safety 

What To Do In a Pipeline Emergency

  • Immediately leave the area - on foot - in an upwind direction.

  • Avoid making contact with escaping liquids or vapors.

  • Avoid potential ignition sources.

  • Abandon all equipment being used in the area.

  • DO NOT drive into an area in which you encounter a leak or vapor cloud.

  • DO NOT light a match, start an engine or automobile, use a telephone, or switch on/off an electric light or appliance, or perform any other activity that could be an ignition source.

  • Warn others to stay away from the area.

  • DO NOT try to operate any pipeline valves yourself.

  • DO NOT use a cell phone while near the suspected emergency area.

  • From a safe distance, call 911 or your local fire, police or sheriff’s office.


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