Environmental, Health + Safety - Pipeline Safety 

Special information for emergency response officials.

If you are a public safety official, use all applicable training you have received in taking the steps necessary to safeguard the public in the event of a pipeline emergency. The following are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Secure the area around the leak to a safe distance. This could include evacuation of people from homes, businesses, schools and other locations, the erecting of barricades, controlling access to the emergency site, and similar precautions.

  • If the pipeline leak is not burning, take steps to prevent ignition. This could include prohibiting smoking, rerouting traffic, and shutting off the electricity and residential gas supply.

  • If the pipeline leak is burning, take steps to prevent secondary fires, but DO NOT attempt to extinguish a pipeline fire unless asked to do so by pipeline company personnel.

  • Contact the pipeline company as quickly as possible. Pipeline marker signs show the pipeline company’s name and emergency telephone number.


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