Devon's principles for water sustainability 

Devon Energy Corporation understands that water is a needed resource for its business as well as an essential part of the ecosystem. Water is vital to the health, social and economic well-being of the communities in which we live and operate.

Our success relies on executing a sustainable water management strategy that balances ecological, economic, operational and social criteria.

Devon is committed to the principles of water conservation and reuse where feasible in its operations through the following: 

  • Educating and working closely with governmental authorities, communities, businesses and members of the public concerning water usage needs and the necessity of water management
  • Identifying usage needs, determining resource availability and monitoring water use
  • Applying conservation practices and identifying opportunities to improve water use efficiency
  • Supporting research to develop fresh water minimization practices for our operations
  • Employing economically and operationally feasible alternatives to fresh water usage
  • Advocating for appropriate regulations on water use and reuse
  • Continuing to employ prudent operating practices to ensure the protection of surface and groundwater
  • Planning for operations to continue if water availability becomes constrained