Community Relations 

Devon strives to be an integral part of the communities where it operates.

We encourage our employees to be involved in their communities. This type of connection is a cornerstone of Devon's corporate values. It has become a natural aspect of our culture to support charitable and civic causes in communities throughout North America.

Devon invests in youth and education, the arts, civic initiatives, the environment and emergency response agencies. Devon supports these activities through monetary donations, in-kind support and fundraising efforts.

Additionally, our employees are enthusiastic volunteers, reaching out to promote local initiatives and community enrichment projects that enhance quality of life for everyone.

To build a relationship of trust and goodwill in our communities, we established an Ambassador Program in the United States years ago. Through this program, employees interact with the public and establish contacts with key public officials in the community to educate them about Devon and its operations.

We take these steps because we understand that the people who live and work near our drilling activities are our neighbors. Being a good neighbor is one of our core values.