Video series highlights Devon’s innovative heritage 

New ideas and innovative thinking have been at the foundation of Devon’s business strategy since John Nichols and his son, Larry, co-founded the company in 1971.

They recognized then that hard work, perseverance and creativity would be the difference between success and failure in a competitive industry awash in small independent oil and natural gas producers.

We have created a series of videos that highlight milestones within the company and illustrate Devon’s heritage of integrity, innovation and its culture of achievement. These videos focus on pioneering projects that have distinguished Devon as an innovative leader in an industry known for its advancements.

Stories include Devon’s introduction of horizontal drilling in the Barnett Shale and its groundbreaking work in developing coalbed natural gas production in the San Juan Basin. They illustrate how the company has overcome challenges with new ideas and has used technology to identify new opportunities.

Stories told in the words of Devon executives, managers and employees reveal how new ideas, creative risk and energetic perseverance have defined Devon in the past and how commitment, teamwork and acting with a sense of urgency will ensure Devon’s success in the future.



Culture of Achievement Videos